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A Detailed Overview of Bennetts Motorcycle Insurance

While car insurance and motorcycle insurance may appear similar in theory, their practical implications and real-world applications often diverge significantly. In such an environment, it is essential to have your motorcycle insured by a company that understands your unique requirements and will provide adequate services when the hour of need comes. Only then will you be able to tackle the challenges that come with riding a motorcycle.

Bennetts is well-known as a motorcycle insurance provider and is a major player in offering special services to motorcyclists. They strive to offer motorcyclists high levels of customer service that cater to their needs at a competitive price. They make sure each policy is as unique as the rider it protects. This personalized approach is clear in the variety of options and flexibility provided in their insurance policies.

Getting a quote from Bennetts is easy, showing their dedication to customer service. Bennetts was the first motorcycle insurance broker to let you get a quote and buy insurance online. They did this to make the process easy for you, aiming to provide the coverage you need without any hassle. If you’re a rider seeking insurance for your motorcycle, you can easily reach out to Bennetts for a customized quote that suits your needs. This user-friendly approach highlights Bennetts’ commitment to providing excellent service.

Understanding Features of Bennetts Motorcycle Insurance

Whether you’re a current motorcycle owner or contemplating ownership, securing motorcycle insurance is a legal requirement. In nearly all states, legislation mandates motorcycle insurance, providing a protective layer for riders. The good part is that this insurance is generally cheaper than its auto insurance, averaging around $40–$150 per month.

Bennetts offers a wide range of flexible options to choose from. Our agents will help you find the right coverage options for your motorcycle.

Key Components of Coverage Options

Here are some important things about their motorcycle insurance plans. Get a quote today and enjoy their reliable service without any hidden fees.

  • Bennetts provides third-party liability coverage, which will cover the costs if you cause an accident that results in injuries or damages to the other party. You don’t have to pay any fees to obtain a quote for this coverage. Simply call us today to obtain a quote for your motorcycle.
  • Comprehensive coverage protects your motorcycle from theft, accidents, fire, and vandalism. It covers third-party liability as well as reliable protection for your vehicle.
  • If you own a motorcycle that is less than one year old and becomes a total loss in an accident or theft, then Bennett will provide a brand-new replacement for it.
  • 17 common modifications are part of the standard coverage plan, providing adequate coverage for additional modifications on your motorcycle.
  • It’s crucial to contact a lawyer to make sure you have the right legal help. With legal protection from Bennetts, you can get expert advice and support if you need help with legal issues after an accident. Feel free to call our team for assistance.

Impact of Competitive Pricing Plans

The price of motorcycle insurance can change for different reasons. When we figure out how much your insurance will cost, we’re thinking about how risky it is to insure you. We look at how likely it is that you might need to use the insurance and how much it would cost to help you if you do. We check things like your riding record, the size of your bike, how old you are, and where you live, among other things. Our goal is to offer affordable motorcycle insurance options so you can make the best decision for your motorcycle based on your budget.

Bennetts wants to give you insurance that doesn’t cost a lot but still covers what you need. When you contact Bennetts, you can expect prices that are good for your budget. We know it’s important to give you a good deal while making sure you have the protection you want. We have different ways for you to pay for your insurance. You can either pay a little bit each month or pay it all at once. If you have any questions about how to pay, just give us a call.

Exploring Genuine Customer Reviews

Bennetts Motorcycle Insurance is well-known for giving great customer service, and many happy customers have shared positive reviews. People appreciate their quick and effective responses to customer questions, making them a popular choice for motorcycle insurance. The real stories from customers give a clear picture of how satisfied Bennetts policyholders are and provide useful information about the company’s claims process, customer support, and phone interactions. Bennetts is good at giving great customer service through their helpful call center. People often say how much they like the friendly and smart staff who do more than expected to help them. Whether it’s answering questions or guiding them through getting insurance, Bennetts’ staff are praised for being professional and always ready to assist.

Customer Reviews

To understand if Bennetts’ service is good or not, it’s important to look at both good and bad reviews from different places. This way, you can figure out if any problems mentioned are just one-time issues or if there might be bigger problems with how the company helps its customers. Let’s examine the top four positive and negative pieces of customer feedback to gain a better understanding.

Positive Feedback

  • Savings and Satisfaction

The customer expressed satisfaction with their experience, noting that they actively compared quotes from three other websites. Despite not always opting for the cheapest option, the customer found that by obtaining a quote directly from the company, they saved an additional £60 and received a better breakdown service level. The positive feedback extends to the ease of navigating the website, concluding with a strong endorsement, stating that they couldn’t recommend the service enough. This positive review highlights the customer’s appreciation for both the financial savings and the improved service levels obtained through a direct quote.

  • Exceptional Customer Service

In a recent customer interaction with Bennetts, the user shared a positive experience while making changes to their policy over the phone. The user highlighted the efficiency and helpfulness of the Bennetts agent, emphasizing the contrast with a less satisfactory encounter with GoSkippy on the same day. Particularly noteworthy was Bennetts’ decision not to impose excessive administrative fees, a practice that left the customer appreciative. This positive feedback underscores Bennetts’ commitment to delivering excellent service and stands in contrast to the less favorable experience encountered elsewhere. Such instances contribute to a favorable perception of Bennetts’ customer service and its dedication to customer satisfaction.

  • Well-Trained Staff

The commendable expertise of Bennetts’ well-trained staff is evident in their attentive approach to customer needs. The customer expresses satisfaction with the staff’s ability to listen and provide valuable advice, particularly concerning the intended use of the bike for European travel. The positive experience extends to the acquisition of a well-suited package, indicating a seamless and accommodating service from Bennetts. This positive feedback underscores the effectiveness of Bennetts’ staff in not only understanding customer requirements but also in offering tailored solutions to enhance the customer’s experience.

  • Ease of Renewals and Refunds

The prompt response to the phone call at Bennetts is highlighted as the customer recounts their positive experience. They not only assisted with the necessary rearrangements for the renewal but also managed to secure a more favorable deal than initially offered. Overall, the consumer portrays a great experience throughout the encounter and expresses satisfaction with Bennetts’ positive and speedy service.

Negative Feedback

  • Dissatisfaction with some Complexities

The customer expresses frustration over the complexity of dealing with the no-claims bonus multi-bike system, finding it unnecessarily cumbersome. The customer, who has had multiple bikes for several years, questions the need for such complications. Moreover, the mention of money owed back added to the difficulty of the situation. While the no-claims bonus was eventually mirrored, it required the customer’s initiative rather than being seamlessly facilitated. This negative feedback underscores the customer’s dissatisfaction with the complexities involved, emphasizing the need for a more streamlined and user-friendly process at Bennetts.

  • Issues with Payment System

The customer expresses frustration with Bennetts, citing an “epic fail” due to zero contact and a fee charged for payment processing issues. Despite money being collected and then returned, an additional penalty was imposed for not paying the insurance installment, creating confusion. The lack of effective communication is a major concern and the failure of the payment system needs to be addressed. The feedback highlights issues with the payment processing system and underscores the need for improved customer service and communication practices.

  • Inconvenience in User Account Access

The customer expresses overall satisfaction with Bennetts’ service, having insured multiple motorcycles with them. However, they give a 3-star rating due to the inconvenience of re-entering personal details when logging into their account, despite the information being on file. This feedback suggests a frustration with the user interface and an opportunity for Bennetts to enhance the login experience for returning customers.

  • Misunderstanding in Renewal Procedure

In a recent interaction with Bennetts, the customer shared a less-than-satisfactory experience. Despite encountering a helpful and professional representative, the attempt to reduce insurance costs resulted in an unexpected outcome – the premium nearly doubled. The root cause of this significant increase was attributed to a misidentification of the floor anchor on record, leading to a discrepancy between the Oxford Brute Force anchor and the Oxford Anchor Force anchor. The consequence was the current insurer’s refusal to continue coverage, resulting in an additional cost of £40 for the package doubling to £80. The customer expresses bewilderment at the perceived importance given to the anchor type over the cable securing the bike. This frustrating experience has left the customer unhappy and unimpressed, prompting them to explore alternative providers despite being a loyal Bennetts customer. The dissatisfaction centers on the perceived unfair treatment in this particular situation.


While Bennetts is a leading company in motorcycle insurance, it ultimately depends on the needs and priorities of motorcyclists. If someone needs a wide range of coverage options, bike modification coverage in standard plans, and responsive customer service, then Bennetts is an excellent option.

It is important to remember that motorcycle insurance is a legal requirement. You are essentially protecting yourself financially in case of an accident or theft. So, take your time to research different insurers, analyze customer feedback, and get quotes from different places before making a decision.

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